Fireman in Training Used In Other Service

Fireman in Training Used in Other Service

Your claim:

  • When you have started training as a FIT and are used in other service.

  • Claim Fireman in Training weekly guarantee in addition to all earnings made while used in other service.

Required Documentation:

  • Work History showing when you have started as a Fireman in Training

  • Work History showing when you were used in other service for the Carrier (i.e. Conductor, Switchman)

  • Bulletin and Award showing that you were successfully chosen for Engine Service Training


Claiming Fireman in Training weekly guarantee from (Sunday DATE) to (Saturday DATE) in addition to all earningsas a trainman on account being used as a (Class of Service) after already having been selected and started training for Engine Service. As stated in Article III – Training Program in the February 1997 National Training Agreement, “If a fireman (helper) is used in other service during a scheduled training program his earnings for that service will be in addition to the weekly rate set forth in this Agreement.

Claimant (NAME) started FIT class on (DATE) and was assigned to the (Circ 7) (FIT Training Board). I was notified on (DATE) by CMS to exercise my seniority as a trainman and was used on the (CIRC 7) (Board) on (DATE).


NOTE: Fireman in Training guarantee is computed on a weekly rate commencing on Sunday of each week, therefore your claims will start on Sunday and go through until the following Saturday. From the 1997 National Training Agreement:


  1. . To receive the full rate, the fireman (helper) must be available for a maximum of six days per calendar week commencing on Sunday. The prorated daily rate may be deducted for each day in such calendar week a fireman (helper) is riot available of his own volition, provided that no deduction will be made for days on which training is not scheduled. Prorated daily rate will be computed on the basis of the number of days comprising the training week. For all days in excess of six in a calendar week that a fireman (helper) is required to participate in the training program, he shall be paid the prorated daily rate. [See amendment for overtime rate over 48 hours.]