Last Yard Job Abolished

The Claim:

  • When the last yard job at a terminal is abolished without the necessary time study.

 Requirements for claim:

  • Must be either foreman or the switchman that was working on the job when the job was abolished.



Claiming a 100 Mile basic day penalty due to the (job) ____ at (cirq7)_____ being abolished on (date)_____ without required time study being conducted as per requested by the Organization. As per Article 5, paragraph 1 of the 1964 International Agreement a time study is required when the last yard job at a location is abolished.  This violation constitutes a 100-mile basic day penalty.


The last yard crew assignment in a yard, or on a shift where more than one yard assignment is employed. may be discontinued under the following conditions (Yard as used herein is defined to mean a common terminal point where a seniority roster for yard ground men is maintained.)