Failure to Furlough After 48 Hours

Failure to Furlough After 48 Hours

Your claims:

  • When left on a bump board/status when cannot hold a regular position and should have been furloughed after 48 hours.


  • A copy of your job history showing when you were notified of being cutoff/bumped.
  • A copy of the seniority roster showing your inability to hold.


Claiming a basic day penalty from  (date)  to   (date)  for total of ______  days account Carrier failed to furlough when could no longer hold any assignment after 48 hours. Was notified of being cut off/bumped from   (Circ-7)     (board)     (job id)    on   (date)  at    (time)   hrs. After 48 hours should have been placed in furlough status, as I was unable to hold any assignment.