TSE/Local Used for Hours of Service Relief

Turn-Around Switch Engine used to Dogcatch

Your claim:

  • When assigned to a turn-around switch engine and you have been instructed by the Carrier to dogcatch a train
  • Claim basic day per Special Board of Adjustment no. 646

Required Documentation:

  • Work History showing what train you were called for and what time you were on duty.
  • Time slip showing what TSE you worked and what train you performed hours of service relief for. Include times and mileposts for the train that you brought in
  • Train List/BU of the train you dog caught
  • Snapshot of the extra board showing who should have been called for the train.


Claiming a basic day for performing hours of service relief when I was working the (JOB ID). Was called on duty to work the (JOB ID) on (DATE) at (CIRC 7) at (TIME) hours. This assignment is bulletined as a Turn-Around Switch Engine/Local and the extra board should have been used to perform all irregular service including hours of service relief. At (TIME) was instructed per (DISPATCHER INITIALS/MANAGER NAME AND TITLE) to travel to (MILEPOST) and take the (TRAIN ID) back to (Circ-7). Arrived at (MILEPOST #) at (TIME). Departed (MILEPOST #) at (TIME), arriving at (CIRC-7) at (TIME).