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Rule 74: Held Away From Home Terminal

Rule #: 74
Year: 1983
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RULE 74. HELD AT OTHER THAN HOME TERMINAL.   Conductors and brakemen in pool freight and in assigned service held at other than home terminal will be paid on the minute basis for the actual time so held after the expiration of sixteen hours from the time relieved from previous duty at a rate per hour of 1/8th of the daily rate paid them for the last service performed. If held sixteen hours after the expiration of the first twenty-four hour period from the time relieved, they will be paid for the actual time so held during the next succeeding eight hours, or until the end of the second twenty-four hour period, and similarly for each twenty-four hour period thereafter.  

Should a conductor or brakeman be called for service or ordered to deadhead after pay begins, held away from home terminal time shall cease at the time pay begins for such service or, when deadheading, at the time the train leaves the terminal, except that in no event shall there be duplication of payment for deadhead time and held away from home terminal time.  

Payments accruing under this rule shall be paid for separate and apart from pay for the subsequent service or deadheading.  

If a conductor and/or brakeman prior to or during the period held-away-from-home terminal time accrues, are called and released they will receive compensation for the held time or the call and release, whichever the greater. 

Note:  Rule 74 modified for interdivisional crews by 5/22/72 I.D.   Agreement providing continuous held time after sixteen hours at far terminal.

Note:  See Appendix "A" - Items 74 and 74(a).