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Rule 73: Deahead and Service Combined

Rule #: 73
Year: 1983
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RULE 73. DEADHEAD AND SERVICE COMBINED.   Conductors and brakemen deadheaded to an intermediate point for pool freight or irregular road service Will be paid as follows:  

(a) The service period commences upon arrival at a point of service and when the time elapsing between the deadhead movement and commencement of road service is less than 8 hours, actual miles will be allowed for the deadhead movement. Actual miles or time, whichever is the greater, will be allowed for the service period, with overtime on basis of overtime rule applicable to the class of service performed. Minimum allowance one day for combined service and deadhead movement.  

(b) When conductors and brakemen are not used within 8 hours after arriva1 at point of service they will be allowed actual miles deadheaded or minimum day, whichever is the greater.  A new day will commence when they are again called for service.  

(c) Conductors and brakemen deadheaded to intermediate points and not used within 24 hours from time called to deadhead will be subject to the provisions of the Company tie up rule.