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Rule 71: Tie-Ups- Crews Requiring Rest

Rule #: 71
Year: 1983
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(Rule 71 was modified effective August 1, 1989.  The new version follows:)

RULE 71. CREWS REQUIRING REST.     (a)  Conductors and brakemen will not be required to go out when they need rest, and will decide for themselves. Regular employes, as well as extra conductors and brakemen, may tie up for rest in excess of that required by the Hours of Service Act not to exceed an aggregate of 24 hours.  Individual employes must request extra rest at time of tie-up and they may not request additional rest after they tie-up.  All requested rest must be taken.

When extra conductors or brakemen tie-up for extra rest, they will be placed at the foot of the extra board at the expiration of all requested rest.

 (b)  When a crew has been on duty over 8 hours, one member may tie-up the crew for 8 hours, two members for 10 hours, and three members not to exceed 12 hours.  However, if the crew is operating as a reduced crew, then both crew members may tie crew up not to exceed 12 hours.