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Rule 69: Doubling Hills etc

Rule #: 69
Year: 1983
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RULE 69. DOUBLING HILLS, ETC.     When required to double hills, make lap back trips, or make side trips on diverging lines, actual miles run, including double mileage, or side trip mileage, will be the mileage of the trip, except on the Ogden-Green River district the actua1 miles involved in doubling or making lap back trips will be added to the allowed miles of 200. 

Running for coal or water or helping other trains when necessary to cut off engine will be considered the same as a double.  

Note: Crews on regularly assigned local or mixed runs of less than 100 miles will be compensated for side or lap back trips in accordance with provisions of Rule 57.  

Note: See Appendix "A" - Items 6868(a) and 68(b).