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Rule 66: Helper Service

Rule #: 66
Year: 1983
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RULE 66.   

(a) Helper Districts. (1) Trains of over forty cars exclusive of caboose will not be doubleheaded, except as hereinafter provided.  
Helpers may be used between the following:

Council Bluffs and  Gilmore 
Council Bluffs and  Valley, via Sarpy 
Valparaiso         and  Wahoo 
Valparaiso         and  Brainard 
Oconee               and  Madison 
Cheyenne          and  Sherman 
Cheyenne          and  Dale via Speer 
Egbert                  and  LaGrange 
Salina                    and  Ellsworth 
Lisbon                  and  Winona 
Kit Carson         and  First View 
Carr                      and  Cheyenne 
Carr                      and  Sherman 
Carr                      and  Dale 
Denver               and  Boulder 
Ogden                 and  Wahsatch 
St. Joseph          and  Hiawatha 
Carden                and  Hanover

(2) Helpers may be run on any district when necessary because of storms, engine failures, to avoid running engines light, in moving engines to and from shops, or in moving engines from one district to another, provided the rating of the heaviest engine is not exceeded.

(3) Double-headers may be run on any district provided the rating of the largest engine handling the train is not exceeded.

(4) In case of an accident to any engine consolidation may be effected with another train and this consolidated train brought to a terminal as double-header if practicable.

(5) When by reason of the acquirement of additional lines, change in grade, etc., it becomes necessary, helper service may be established where conditions are similar to those covered by the helper limits as above provided.

(6) It is recognized that the exigencies of the business may require additional helper service to that provided for, in which event the matter shall be settled by negotiations between the management and committees, and provisions for pusher or helper service may be made by management and committees for pusher or helper engines on any district to maintain the tonnage intact over grades.

(7) In the operation of multiple unit Diesel electric locomotives, the tonnage rating shall be the aggregate rating of all the connected units constituting one locomotive, except that where one or more of the units are inoperative out of the termina1 at which the crew takes charge of the train, the operative unit or units shall not be included in the calculation of the tonnage rating of thelocomotive, but shall be included in the tonnage of the train, and the tonnage rating of the remaining operative units out of the terminal will constitute the locomotive for tonnage rating purposes for the entire district over which the crew handles the train.

When one or more units of a diesel are set out enroute, the remaining units shall then constitute the tonnage rating of the engine handling the train.

When a unit of a Diesel locomotive becomes inoperative enroute, the tonnage rating shall continue to be the tonnage rating of all the units.

(b) Outside of Helper Districts.  When trains of over forty cars, exclusive of caboose, are doubleheaded outside of helper districts, and the tonnage rating of the heaviest engine is exceeded, double mileage for actual mileage doubleheaded will be allowed.