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Rule 59: Guarantee- Regular Assigned Freight, wreck, work and construction

Rule #: 59
Year: 1983
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RULE 59. GUARANTEE.     (a) Regularly assigned way freight, wreck, work, and construction conductors and brakemen whose turn is "laid-in" and who work their assignment on the workday immediately preceding and the workday immediately following the day on which it was "laid-in", will be guaranteed not less than 100 miles, or 8 hours, for each calendar working day, exclusive of overtime (this to include legal holidays). If through act of Providence, it is impossible to perform regular service, guarantee does not apply, except regularly assigned freight conductors and brakemen will be paid for not to exceed 5 days time lost if held at terminal because of washouts, wrecks, storms and blizzards.

(b) Crews may also be used in any other service to complete guarantee when for any reason regular assignment is discontinued, but such service shall be paid for at schedule rates unless earnings from such rates would be less per day than would have been earned in regular assignment. It is understood that this provides how crews may be used in any class of service in lieu of their assigned service, but it does not authorize compensation thus earned to be applied to make up any time that crews were ready for service and not used.

(c) Conductors and brakemen regularly assigned to local or mixed runs of over 100 miles who on any date cover only a portion of their run will be compensated on basis of actual service performance with minimum payment of not less than the equivalent of the mileage of their regular run.

      Note: See Appendix "A" - Items 59 and 59(a).