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Rule 9: Terminal Delay Passenger Service

Rule #: 9
Year: 1983
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RULE 9. TERMINAL DELAY PASSENGER SERVICE.     (a) Except in short turn-around passenger service when delayed at initial terminal 1 hour or more after time required to report for duty, passenger conductors and brakemen will be allowed one hour's pay for each full hour so delayed, and time on road computed from time first required to report for duty less the delayed time allowed.  

(b) Passenger conductors and brakemen, except in short turn-around passenger service, required to report for duty more than 30 minutes in advance of scheduled leaving time of train for purpose of pouching transportation, loading passengers or care of train will be compensated in accordance with paragraph (a) of this rule with a minimum allowance of one hour computed from 30 minutes prior to scheduled leaving time of train.  For example, conductor and/or brakeman required to report at 4:15 p.m. for train scheduled to leave    at 5:00 p.m., but which does not depart until 6:00 p.m., will be allowed two hours, and time on road computed from time first required to report for duty, less delayed time allowed.  

(c) When delayed at final terminal, less than 30 minutes after arrival at terminal station, will not be counted; 30 minutes up to 60 minutes will constitute 1 hour, and so on thereafter.  

(d) Regular assigned passenger train crews who are required to get their trains at Council Bluffs and do work at Omaha, or who are required to do work at Omaha and then take their train to Council Bluffs, will be allowed terminal time on following basis:  

Initial time will be allowed on minute basis at 1/8th of the daily rate computed from time called to leave Council Bluffs until train departs Omaha Union Station. Road mileage Omaha to North Platte, 281 miles.  

Final time will be allowed on minute basis at 1/8th of the daily rate computed from time of arrival Omaha Union Station until released at Council bluffs. Road mileage North Platte to Omaha, 281 miles.  

When train crew is released at Omaha, when Council Bluffs is the crew's terminal, they will be allowed 281 miles and an arbitrary allowance of 25 minutes final time.  

(e) Passenger conductors and brakemen will not be required to pick up or set out cars at terminals where yard crews are on duty and available to do so without delay to train. Passenger conductors and brakemen required to set out or pick up cars at terminals where yard crews are assigned, will be allowed a minimum of one hour at road rate for such service. This Section (e) does not apply to crews compensated under the provisions of Section (d) of this rule.