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Rule 2: Passenger Service Defined

Rule #: 2
Year: 1983
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(a) Passenger trains are those composed of passenger equipment, including silk, horses, and other high class freight in cars equipped for passenger service. 

(b) Irregular passenger trains are trains to which crews are not regularly assigned.

Passenger conductors and brakemen will receive freight mileage and rates for handling an irregular passenger train. For example: "A's" regular run is No. 1 from Omaha to North Platte. He is run out, on date of his regular run, on an irregular passenger train to North Platte, and will receive freight mileage and rate for the going portion of the trip; and, if he returns on another irregular train, or deadheads, he will receive freight rate for return portion of trip, or assigned passenger rate if he returns on his own run.

The conductor or brakeman relieving "A" in the above instance, if he makes round trip on "A's" assignment, or if only to North Platte on "A's" assignment and deadheads home on a passenger train, will receive "A's" regular rate; but if he returns from North Platte to Omaha on an irregular train, he will be paid freight mileage and rate for return trip.

(c) When used in irregular passenger service, extra passenger conductors and brakemen held at other than home terminal will be paid as follows:

First 12-hour period - no payment will be made.

Second 12-hour period - pay 121/2 miles per hour for the first eight hours and nothing for the last four hours

Commencing with the 25th hour held time, pay 121/2 miles per hour continuously until called on duty.

Note: Payments accruing under this rule shall be paid for separate and apart from pay for the subsequent service or deadheading.

(d) Assigned passenger conductors and brakemen run first in first out on account of disrupted assignments or when handling delayed scheduled trains to which crews are regularly assigned, in lieu of their regular assignment, will be paid assigned rates.

(e) Assigned passenger crews will be paid actual miles or hours at freight rates when handling their trains off their assigned districts.