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Tentative Crew Consist Agreement on the Eastern District, Pacific Northwest, and Idaho Territories

Feb 03, 2023
Tentative Crew Consist Agreement on the Eastern District, Pacific Northwest, and Idaho Territories image

March 24, 2023


Local Chairpersons

General Committee 953


Re: Announcement_Tentative Crew Consist Agreement_Eastern District_Pacific Northwest, Idaho Territories.


Brothers and Sisters,


I’m proud to announce that we’ve reached a Tentative Crew Consist Agreement with Union Pacific that preserves the conductor position and ends the current round of Section VI bargaining on the Eastern District, Pacific Northwest and Idaho Territories.  The specific details and language of each provision are still being drafted and will be released as soon as possible.  In the meantime, the following is a general overview of what has been agreed to:   

  • Conductor’s will not be re-deployed and will remain on the train.
  • Carrier’s Section VI request to negotiate crew size is concluded.
  • The requirement for Brakemen/Switchmen, and three work events in through freight is eliminated.
  • Protections for employees displaced/furloughed account of brakemen/switchmen assignments being eliminated (reserve boards).
  • Significant signing bonus (greater than any received in past Crew Consist Agreements).
  • Overtime in pool freight for trainmen.
  • Differential pay to Conductors (assigned service on the road) and Foremen (Yard) who work without a brakeman/switchman.
  • Expanded Utility Position that pays nearly double the current rate and may work in both yard and road operations. (This solidifies our position to perform all future work in road and yard operations.)

This agreement is a tremendous win for SMART TD, our membership, and preserves the conductor craft.  It’s taken 3 ½ years of intense negotiations to reach this point but we’ve prevailed and obtained pay provisions and protections that all train service employees will benefit from.  I ask for your patience in the next few weeks as we work through the details with Union Pacific, but promise that we will provide all we can as they are finalized. 



Luke Edington

General Chairman