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A Big Win at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Aug 29, 2020
A Big Win at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals image

Brother and Sisters,

 We just received the ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the preliminary injunction ordered by Judge Pitman mandating us to negotiate and arbitrate crew consist.  The Fifth Circuit vacated the preliminary injunction and we are no longer required to negotiate crew consist.  However, we will have to arbitrate the pending questions over the moratoriums that are currently before us.  This is a tremendous win for our members!  This office recognizes and appreciates the hard work and countless hours President Ferguson, Vice President Leonard, General Counsel Kevin Brodar and several others have put into this endeavor.   

 This Office will continue to fight and defend our Crew Consist Agreements and with this ruling, have taken a considerable step in gaining the momentum we need to be successful.     


 Luke Edington

General Chairman


Link to Decision on Appeal