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UPRR Daily Conference Call 03/24

Mar 25, 2020
UPRR Daily Conference Call 03/24 image

03/24 Conference Call

Carrier – Total of 5 employees positive or presumptively positive, No new TE&Y positive and 1 potential new case. Approximately 90 employees quarantined.

Carrier - Good use of quick tie ups, has doubled… this has been successful. 

Carrier – One crew one van policy has been relayed to all parties and service units

Carrier – All hotels and properties have been contacted about the disinfecting guidelines

Carrier – Still some places not complying with one van, one crew policy

Carrier – Another 460+ locomotives have been disinfected and supplied with spray bottles, still use the safety hotline to report any non-complying conditions

Carrier – No new reported positive cases on the system, one cases pending

Carrier – still going to audit the hotels to make sure that they continue to comply with the policy

Carrier – number of quarantined is fluctuating due to some being released after 14 days so the number is staying around 90 people

Carrier – Supply team has no new updates

GC – Local Chairmen reports that they are not cleaning work areas and no spray bottles to use

GC – Mason City extra boards being used to cover other areas due to extra boards being reduced

GC – Shelter in place areas need to have a broadcast message sent to employees to make sure that they print the travel letter and that it instructs employees to contact UPRR Special Agents if they are stopped by local police.

Carrier – The Legal Department is also involved making sure that they the letter is OK, the Carrier will send a message to all employees with medium level importance with a link to the letter and instructions

GC – Has the Carrier looked further into sending short pools back home rather than staying at the AFHT hotel

GC – A spreadsheet to track all locations and what is being done

GC – Wants an update on how the Short Line railroads are disinfecting locomotives during interchange.

GC – Want an update on Certification and Waivers. Carrier should have an update tonight

GC – Shop towels and disinfectant in crew rooms in short supply. Carrier got a large shipment in and will disperse to locations in need.

Carrier – Trying to take crews straight to train instead of the crew rooms to further avoid exposure

GC – Need an update on how TE&Y employees should complete FRA HOS reporting after a quick tie-up. Carrier is trying to get relief from the FRA and will update when the get the word from FRA

GC – Lodging at Barnes has stated they may go to a 50% capacity restriction. Carrier is working with the hotels if that is the case.

GC – can those locations with shelter in place restrictions have a broadcast message sent to remind employees to carry the letter allow travel to and from work.

Carrier -  See something, say something.  We will address the gaps.  Please use safety hotline  to report.  Please donate to friend to friend, 100% of donation goes out.