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Interim Release (4-Hour Break)

Feb 02, 2023
Interim Release (4-Hour Break) image

There have been numerous calls regarding Interim Release (4-Hour Break) so we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Q. Can I be placed in interim break at an intermediate point?
A. No. You must be at your home or afht to be placed on break.
2. Q. How long can they place me in interim break?
A. The break must be a minimum of 4 hours to be an interim break. These 4 hours do not count towards your HOS when you return to work. If called back to work prior to the expiration of the 4 hours, the time off should count towards your HOS.
3. Q. Do I tie up or stay on duty while in break and does it count as two tours of duty?
A. You must be tied up to be placed on interim break. The start after your break does not count as another start or tour of duty.


The following two documents are from the FRA and will explain how the process works. Any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Office.

fra-interim-release.pdf (


HOS Manual Final 120213.pdf (