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Tentative Crew Consist Agreement Ratified

May 31, 2023
Tentative Crew Consist Agreement Ratified image

May 31, 2023


Local Chairpersons
General Committee 953

Re:Tentative Crew Consist Agreement on Eastern District, Pacific Northwest, Idaho Territories Ratified


Brothers and Sisters,

The balloting for the Tentative Crew Consist Agreement on the Eastern District, Pacific Northwest, and Idaho Territories concluded yesterday, May 30, 2023. Members participated in the voting process in record numbers. Of the 1,872 eligible voters, 1,407 cast their vote which is 75.2% voter participation. All three crafts ratified the tentative agreement, with an overall approval rate of more than two-thirds (68.16% aggregate). We are scheduling a meeting with Labor Relations to finalize the Agreement and will have it completed by June 15, 2023.

This is a historic moment for our committee, and I congratulate our membership on ratifying such a lucrative agreement. The voter turnout and approval emphasize the value of this agreement and the position it places our membership in moving forward. I appreciate your time, effort, and assistance with the ratification process.



Luke Edington
General Chairman